What Lucky Children You Are!

nonsense girl:

The husband has composed his own Dr.Seuss-esque poem about how our text books are changing…must read

Originally posted on Bayesian Adventures:

Come close little children,

Come close, come near,

You’ll cheer and clap,

with what you will hear.


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Chor Bazaar

You can’t be a fan of junk without a visit to Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. We are always up for sifting through old stuff looking for a good bargain. Here’s some treasures from Friday’s rummage. Continue reading

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Trek to meet the Dhangar shepherds

Last week a few of us from Anthra trekked across the Deccan Plateau to meet the Dhangar shepherds – a semi-nomadic pastoralist community that migrate for 9 months of the year in search of fodder for their animals. Continue reading

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