Chor Bazaar

You can’t be a fan of junk without a visit to Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. We are always up for sifting through old stuff looking for a good bargain. Here’s some treasures from Friday’s rummage. Continue reading

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Trek to meet the Dhangar shepherds

Last week a few of us from Anthra trekked across the Deccan Plateau to meet the Dhangar shepherds – a semi-nomadic pastoralist community that migrate for 9 months of the year in search of fodder for their animals. Continue reading

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Niligiri Avocados

Gifts from my trip to the Nilgiris just keep on giving… Avocados right off the tree. While the DH is being stuffed silly with delicious food while he holidays at his mum’s place, I am treating myself to a big bowl of guacamole, a dismembered tortilla wrap (thanks husband) and some salami – eating for one at its finest. Continue reading

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