Niligiri Avocados

Gifts from my trip to the Nilgiris just keep on giving… Avocados right off the tree. While the DH is being stuffed silly with delicious food while he holidays at his mum’s place, I am treating myself to a big bowl of guacamole, a dismembered tortilla wrap (thanks husband) and some salami – eating for one at its finest. Continue reading

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Lady Marmalade

I spent a rejuvenating weekend in what will one day be our home – the Nilgiris. A window of sunshine allowed us to pluck ‘marmalade oranges’. I brought home 8 big globes determined to try my hand at making marmalade. I surprised myself Continue reading

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My 6th barkday

Our dear Broozi has turned 6. This year, we celebrated in style – banners, dog balloons cut out decorations and even a party with humans, who so willingly indulged my insanities. We missed his old friends from Vizag – Simba, Ginger, Casper and Luka… Continue reading

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