Strawberry Jam

On Friday we met a few more shepherds/dhangars who had migrated from Salpe to Dhom which is close to the base of the Mahabaleshwar mountain range near the town of Wai. Mahabelshwar is where all the strawberries are grown. Continue reading

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The Dhangars

I’ve not used this space to write about my work. It’s more ‘kitchen table’ sociology that I do on this blog. But research with the Dhangars has become a key part of my life now and sharing their stories helps me in a way…you never know who is reading, whose life might be changed… Continue reading

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Street food: Dabeli

At night the arterial street of Uran town beats to the blast of traffic horns and the tempting aromas from bubbling woks and sizzling tavas. To the Dabeli we are always drawn for a masterclass in texture and taste. Continue reading

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