This was Monday

‘Winter is coming’. While the rest of India still experiences sweltering heat, we inhaled clouds. We sat on the red brick porch in our fold out camping chairs. We drank tea and watched the mist roll in. We drank another cup of tea and watched the mist roll out. We inhaled clouds. We talked. We read. We drank tea. We mocked the birds. We imitated the tweeteetweeewee and the pockhocpocwhik. We walked with Abroozi. Finally we made had made it home to our own little piece of heaven. We left Mungeli sooner than expected. We feel sad for those we had left behind. All but one could appreciate our efforts. Dismissed at the end. It still confuses me. We did what we could in the time that we had. Now we enjoy the rewards of this beautiful place.


About nonsense girl

Galley slave, qualitative researcher working in development, married my best friend, writing about my life, my family, my dog, TV, Indian culture, astronomy and my garden.
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3 Responses to This was Monday

  1. I really appreciate your skilled approach. These square measure items of terribly helpful data which will be of nice use on behalf of me in future.

  2. ganesh gopalakrishnan says:

    long overdue ; hopefully we will read some more interesting blogs

  3. Welcome back to the blogger universe!! After the rain, there’s a rainbow, After the storm there’s calm… enjoy the mountains 🙂 and tell M he still owes my kids a physics class!

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