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Experiments in sky with astronomy and in the earth with the garden

Plastic or matka

Living in a place of perpetual rainbows and breath taking views, the plastic in our lives in jarring. We’re not going to start wearing clothes of hemp (just yet). But in a way to ditch the artificial, we made a … Continue reading

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Weaver Ants in action – part deux

I’d written earlier about discovering the amazing ingenuity of weaver ants when we happened to see a leaf seemingly defy all gravity: curled up, slimmed up and glued to its neighbours to form a neat little pod. Who could have … Continue reading

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Roasted carrots with fennel and thyme

Christmas and new year was a food fest in my house, mostly thanks to my mom-in-law’s visit which prompted us to show off some of our best recipes. But here’s one that I tried for the first time and was … Continue reading

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