Dog Days

The adventures and canine learnings from living with our labrador, Abroozi


  • The itchy sniff Tips on what to do with your male dog when females are in heat
  • Dogs in love How our Abroozi and his girlfriend fell in love

5 Responses to Dog Days

  1. Mrs.Jyoti Ponnampalath says:

    Hi,my daughter is 6 months old,golden retriever,Muffin.Due to wrong info given by the vet,rather advised,v didn’t take her out of the house for the 1st 3 months except for visits to the vet.Have hired a trainer for obedience training n also for taking her out for walks as she is scared shit to move out of the house.After 2 months of training,she’s fine with walking but not for too long hrs,hardly 15-20 mins.I’m looking forward for a vacation towards north along with my daughter,but i’m not sure if she’ll be able to travel by flight/train or car n i don’t want to leave her back at home.I came across your blog as i was searching for places to visit along with your pet.Kudos!! for providing info about travel with pets n websites.Can you please suggest some places except Simla,Manali,Nainital,as it’s going to be the 1st trip along with my daughter..or any suggestions so that my daughter also enjoys the trip.

  2. Swati kumar gautam says:

    Oh my god hahahhaa … I am staying in circars waiting for our house allotment most probably will move to naval park ….. But most of my friends are staying in dolphin sector E … OMG can’t believe this … Yeah i have read both above mentioned posts n loved them 🙂 .

  3. Swati kumar gautam says:

    Right now we are posted in vizag 🙂

  4. Swati kumar gautam says:

    Hey am also a dog lover ….. My baby daughter a black labrador is going to be 9 months old . Her name is spring , being in navy we travel a lot be it transfer or some other reason… just wanted to know that what precautions should we take before boarding a train with pets . Which train is best for our four legged babies . This is for the first time am going to travel with her and i do not want to cause herr any pain or discomfort during travelling . Thanks 🙂

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