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Travel stories and Frequently groaning, occasionally celebrating Indian TV and culture

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  • Watching Airports My recent short trips through many airports fuelled my Watching of people on their travels
  • Falooda Vizag street food just got interesting with refreshing Falooda stall
  • Chilka A short trip to Chilka lake to eat giant crabs and images from rural Orissa
  • Debuglic Day January 26th, 2012 spent at the Eastern Naval Command Republic Day parade and the patriotism that swept over me
  • Nano tows Gypsy King It’s in the title, the little Nano achieved great feats when the Gypsy said, “I got no more.”
  • The Angel in the Sky The adverts of Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific are all very similar and all proclaim to have angels for airhostess, my expert analysis
  • Death of a Dictator With the death of Mohammad Gaddafi, a look back on the undignified deaths of the world’s most infamous dictators
  • Sailing My first experience in a sail boat and appreciating the wonderful Naval Sea Cadets
  • Submarine Versus the Tsunami A guest article by my husband, Cdr A.Korula, on his experience on board INS Vela, a Foxtrot submarine underwater at the time of the 2006 Tsunami.
  • Be Small, Think Big: Shops signs in Tamil Nadu that proclaim much more than what the shop offers.
  • Body Art My experiments with marking the body
  • Top Chef – Indians Missing Despite our treasure box of spices and vast regional cuisines, why do Indians fail to feature on Western cooking shows?

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