The Pantry

Recipes, food tips and kitchen reports


  • Spinach Soup A healthy inclusion to our dinner time meal – a recipe for spinach soup
  • Soul Food How the humble Kitchidi has followed me, making memories through Goldsmiths College, living in London and now happily married in India.
  • Pizza How to make the perfect thin crust pizza
  • The Manwich Version 2.0 Chilli garlic focaccia bread, topped with spinach, zatziki, salsa and chilli garlic prawns – a sunday staple
  • Christmas Dinner A recipe for an Indian flavoured and inspired roast chicken with all the trimmings
  • Beggar’s Chicken Taking on the challenge of Chinese marinaded chicken, wrapped in banana/lotus leaf, smothered in clay and baked.
  • Kitchen Demons Setting curds and making dosais always baffled me…until now
  • Italian Focaccia Bread A very easy recipe for a first time foray in to break making and the tasty MANWICH sandwich.
  • Gajuwaka fish market Exploring our local fresh fish market and it’s wondrous assault on the senses
  • Top Chef – Indians Missing Despite our treasure box of spices and vast regional cuisines, why do Indians fail to feature on Western cooking shows?
  • How to cook a crab : Instructions with pictures of how to clean crabs and a Konkani recipe for an Indian crab curry
  • Bread : Tried and trusted EASY recipes to make bread

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