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Galley slave, qualitative researcher working in development, married my best friend, writing about my life, my family, my dog, TV, Indian culture, astronomy and my garden.

Plastic or matka

Living in a place of perpetual rainbows and breath taking views, the plastic in our lives in jarring. We’re not going to start wearing clothes of hemp (just yet). But in a way to ditch the artificial, we made a … Continue reading

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Published: Addressing stillbirth in India must include men

Happy to annouce the publication of our article in Issues in Mental Health Nursing based on research done in Chhattisgarh with colleagues at Christian Hospital Mungeli. Happy to be 3rd author on this and a big thank you to Dr.Lisa … Continue reading

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This was Monday

‘Winter is coming’. While the rest of India still experiences sweltering heat, we inhaled clouds. We sat on the red brick porch in our fold out camping chairs. We drank tea and watched the mist roll in. We drank another … Continue reading

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