Earth and Sky

Our kitchen garden and adventures with the night sky



  • Ground Control to Mangalyaan India launches its first inter planetary mission today -debates of development vs space exploration rage on
  • Moonlight Sonata Close up pictures of the moon and a moonlit sea by our driveway
  • Back to Basics Using the Nikon FE film SLR to capture the Analemma
  • Space humour A humourous inscription on the struts of the Space Orbiter
  • Pictures of Venus Transit Here they are venus transit photos with time codes
  • Reminder Venus Transit How and when to view Venus transit on June 5th/June 6th, 2012 and our preparations for the same
  • Stars in time Using Getafix we plot the constellations through time, how they looked 6700 years ago and the changes today
  • Getafix The soon to be launched astronomical program to plot stars, written in C++ by my husband
  • Eclipse Sequence 2009 Pictures of the 2009 total solar eclipse we took from Nilgiris and Bangalore and a reminder for the Venus transit
  • Jupiter meets Venus Photograph of the confluence of Jupiter and Venus, 3 degrees apart on March 14th, 2012
  • Composting, How to Clear instructions with pictures of how to start composting in your garden

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