Family Ties

Personal stories and shenanigans my family gets up to

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  • New location added We’ve moved to Karanja in Maharashtra…new adventures await
  • The Mousetrap The DH’s home made camera trap catches the critter in action
  • Brain Grow An article made me realise that failing and doing something difficult makes your brain grow – a little boost when you need some perspective
  • Istanbul Calling Maps Apps and Preps for ten days in Istanbul… sadly without our Abroozi
  • None Of The Above Assess The DH and I vote for the first time in India’s 2014 general elections
  • The Birthday 2014 Another great year of love and presents!
  • The Sunset Years Looking after the DH’s 92 year old grandmother clarified my views on ageing and dying
  • On Eternal Patrol A tribute to INS SIndhurakshak S63 and the men we lost… RIP
  • Love, arranged by How advertisers are telling young people that arranged marriages can be cool and exciting too
  • Antiques Pre-independence court documents with busts of kings and queen, candle stands and a coffee pot, all a day’s find
  • Writing Plugs Some blatant publicity for some of my recent published works online
  • Blue Mountains A short trip to an ideal world where nature and the simple life is at its best
  • It’s my birthday Instructions to husbands on birthdays for your woman and pictures of my presents this year
  • Deadlines How technology conspires against me when I submit the highest value project of my life
  • A bit of culture An arangetram bharathnatyam performance and a marital feud to boot
  • Mungeli My inspiring experience at Christian Hospital Mungeli, Chattisgarh and how you can help
  • Vellore Coir Rope A video documenting how hand spun coir rope is made in my hometown Vellore
  • The Prize Has Arrived The first prize for the Navy cooking competition is finally here and it’s a doozy
  • Long Bazaar Junk Market In our hometown of Vellore we found a rusty Sunday market
  • Lamps The beautiful Bulgarian lamps we dragged across Malaysia are finally home
  • In perpetual tea-time A relaxing weekend in Vizag suspending all activity
  • Back to Basics Our collection of digital cameras is being eclipsed by the film Nikon FE SLR to capture the Analemma
  • E-India and my Passport Woes Dealing with the Passport Kendra and all the documents you need
  • Death of the Guidebook My stint as a travel agent and why I may not use a guidebook this holiday
  • Home Sweet Home Why we won 3rd Prize for the Best Interiors competition
  • My MOOCS How the wonderful world of Massive Open Online Courses has kept my freelancing housewifing blues away
  • Weekend round up Abroozi gets neutered and the DH gets a shock
  • Bissamcuttack Our inspiring experience at Kachapaju tribal school and Christian Mission Hospital at Bissamcuttack, Orissa
  • Finally, A win The post His Dear Christine won 3rd Prize at the Indiblogger contest, aligned with the venus transit perhaps..
  • The Right to Information Our wonderful experience with democracy and the RTI Act
  • Junior Masterchef Australia Who knew kids could cook, astounding show and my memories in the kitchen
  • No Congratulations Needed The winners of the Indiblogger Stay Free contest and no, it wasn’t me
  • His Dear Christine  My husband’s other woman – the Royal Enfield he calls Christine. My entry for the Castrol No.1 blog contest in Indiblogger
  • Happy Birthday to Me A little schooling and the result, a table full of presents for me.
  • From Russia With Love My entry for the Incredible Journey blogging contest sponsored by Mahindra on Indiblogger about our trip to Russia
  • Chilka A short trip to Chilka lake to eat crabs and see rural Orissa life
  • Kailash Yatra Part 3 The concluding part to my mother in law’s experience at Mount Kailash
  • Kailash Yatra Part 2 The experience of Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash – part 2 of my mother in law’s journey
  • Kailash Yatra Part 1 My mother in law’s very person, very real account of her epic journey to Mount Kailash
  • Stellar  Performance A star gazing lecture by my husband and some tips so you too can spot the constellations.
  • Debuglic Day January 26th, 2012 at the Eastern Naval Command Republic Day parade and the patriotism that swept over me
  • Soul Food How the humble khitchidi has followed me, making memories through Goldsmiths College, living in London
  • Nano tows Gypsy King It’s in the title, the little Nano achieved great feats when the Gypsy said, “I got no more”
  • Google No. 1 On October 20th, Nonsense Girl was No.1 in a Google search of the words, Death of a Dictator – a wee gloat
  • A Nano A review of the latest member to our family, the Tata Nano Neon Rush
  • Anniversary dinner Sizzler festival at Dolphin Hill Hotel and our near celebrity status on Telugu TV
  • Sailing My first experience with a sail boat and the wonderful Naval Sea Cadets
  • Submarine Versus the Tsunami A guest article by the DH abroad a Foxtrot submarine that was underwater when the Tsunami of Dec 2006 struck.
  • Body Art My experiments with marking the body
  • Battered Baseline The story of my father and his love for Wimbledon (and his love lost)

4 Responses to Family Ties

  1. Anubhav Singh says:

    Stumbled upon your blog accidentally. And after going through it, I got such a nice warm feeling.
    Your entries are so interesting to read 🙂

  2. Sam Lazarus says:

    Hi Gayatri,
    I’m doing well, I am married, I live in Queensland Australia. I remember you as a little shy girl, who followed Maya everywhere. I never thought Mona had his eye on you. Then again you were right opposite his house, and I guess in his face. I went to his blog, and saw his work. Very impressive. I’ve also left a message on his blog. My regards to you both. Have a fantastic weekend!


  3. Sam Lazarus says:

    Hi Gayatri this is Sam, Mona’s good friend from Campus. I wan to let him know that we are planning to have a Scudder class re- union in 2016. I was wondering if he will be able to come. It is being proposed to be held in Vellore. Please can you let him know . I’m trying to contact him. Thanks! Apologies for hijacking your blog!

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