Advertising that divides us

All around this country, the mercury is rising. And there’s a steady stream of adverts for air-conditioners. Blue Star has got three adverts – two very funny and one that is in shockingly bad taste, proudly saluting the rich-poor divide. Continue reading

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The birthday 2014

It’s April 16th again – the obligatory birthday post. And I’m still getting such fabulous presents, phone calls, text messages and emails from family and friends. I do feel very loved. Continue reading

The servant problem

Domestic worker, maid, servant, ‘akka’ – we don’t seem to have an articulate enough vocabulary to describe the people who keep our homes and our children clean, healthy and happy. Each of these words is tainted – domestic worker sounds too formal (like a census category); ‘maid’ conjours up images of ‘French Maid’ or some palatial residence in the Alps or 1880s Britain’ servant is too subservient orĀ  persecuted; and ‘akka’ or ‘didi’ (older sister) is suitable only for children. But the ‘servant problem’ is not just one of terminology, it’s so much more… Continue reading

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