Istanbul Calling

By this time on Saturday I expect to be enjoying a view of the Bosphorous with some form of kebab in my hand. Yes! We booked in March and the time is finally here: we’ll be holidaying in Istanbul for ten glorious days. I wish we were taking Abroozi but he’ll be in good hands with our friend SD (her family) and her dog, Simba – Abroozi’s best friend. Continue reading

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Thousand year sauce

Thousand year sauce – a soy sauce based master stock reused for poaching/braising meat, ‘fed’ or replenished for years and handed down the generations, packed with flavour, richer and bolder with every feed. We’ve been feeding our stock for 3 years. Continue reading

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Bountiful Mango Mandate

The election result may have been bountiful for the BJP but we are celebrating a bounty of our own: over 30 mangoes from our very own trees. Continue reading

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