My 6th barkday

Our dear Broozi has turned 6. This year, we celebrated in style – banners, dog balloons cut out decorations and even a party with humans, who so willingly indulged my insanities. We missed his old friends from Vizag – Simba, Ginger, Casper and Luka…

I’m not the arts and crafts type person – although I so wish I was. But judging by the party I put on for Broozi, you’d never know it!! Here’s some pictures of yesterday’s madness. I just wish we had some dog friends over but our new apartment is so tiny, that it would have been chaos. I completely squandered my chances of a dog party when I had a nice big garden in Vizag…live and learn I guess.

IMG_5316The pennant banner template is from  Sweet Beanz WordPress site You don’t even need to measure the triangles – just print and cut out!

She even has printable Pdfs of letters and numbers you can print out. I thought it was easier to just write the letters (but i used her hearts for the ‘Os’) and the circle templates. So easy!

We also hung up cut out Dog bone patterns; and paws


And of course…the doggie balloons…this idea from Martha Stewart. You can download the Pdf and print out the ears, the nose and mouth. We added the line down from the nose, the spots and whiskers ( cos martha didn’t think of that).

DSC_4718Broozi wore his party hat for all of 5 seconds…but i got the picture

IMG_5322A couple of human children joined in before he ripped his hat off…

IMG_5323Then we wheeled in the cake…As he’s allergic to gluten (which would include things you’d make a cake with), his cake was baked chicken with egg and hung curd was used for the ‘icing’. Dried fish treats formed the ‘6’. Gone in 1 min 13 secs.

IMG_5335 retouchedHe couldn’t quite believe this cake was all for him, that he could eat it off the table, all in one go…but he soon got the hang of it!

He then spent the rest of the evening being brushed and petted by each of the children

IMG_5333Thank you to my wonderful new friends and their kids who indulged my insanities and didn’t bat an eye lid when I invited them for a dog’s birthday party…

adrith The party is over…Broozi is now 6 years old. We got him five months after getting married. We even bought his bowl three months before he was even born! I have changed so much since getting a dog – i’m kinder towards animals and more gentle, caring and patient. Broozi is our resident ‘Happiness Officer’ and he’s doing a fantastic job! (I’m Galley in-charge and external affairs; DH is maintenance, security, and science & technology). As all dog owners will tell you, they are so much more to us than just dogs. Our lives would not be the happy existence it is without him.

379707_252681944863912_1188108319_nHappy birthday, my dear boy.

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8 Responses to My 6th barkday

  1. Vikram Karve says:

    Loved this post – especially the pictures – about Broozi’s 6th Birthday Party.
    Reminded me of the birthdays we celebrated for our pet girl Sherry – who sadly passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago (in fact – your post brought tears to my eyes as I remembered Sherry – and her last birthday on 09 April 2014).
    Wish Broozi a belated Happy Birthday from us.
    Vikram Karve
    Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve

    • I am so sorry to hear about Sherry. You had mentioned her quite a few times in your blog posts. Sadly this is the burden we take on as dog lovers from the very start. I’m sure she’s chasing a ball or a cat in that great big dog park in the sky but close in your heart every day. Very sorry for your loss. But thank you for the birthday wishes. He definitely had a good time!

  2. ganesh gopalakrishnan says:

    This is so cute. Broozi is a darling . Last week I spent a day with him . Affectionate +++
    I think what makes the difference is that he is not a dog in the house. He is just another member of the family and has equal rights as everyone else but like all of the others has to follow rules set by the ministry.
    Happy BOW VOW day Broozi

  3. Sam says:

    Did the master play dog and the bone? sing me and you and our
    dog named boo?

  4. Big hug for Broozi! Hope you’ll visit us again someday!! And nonsensegirl – impressed with your art. Loved your birthday blog and all the tricks DH gets up to. Its hardly obligatory 🙂

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