The birthday 2014

It’s April 16th again – the obligatory birthday post. And I’m still getting such fabulous presents, phone calls, text messages and emails from family and friends. I do feel very loved.Last night I was battling an annoying ear infection that seems to crop up every time we turn the air-conditioning on for the summer. But all that magically disappeared when the mail man arrived at 6:30 am with presents from my sister! This place is like Malgudi from Malgudi Days  – i even have the phone number of the postman, who called yesterday to say that my presents had arrived but that he could only deliver them this morning. Perfect timing, I said! One bite of the Turkish Delight my sister brought back from Istanbul and the ear infection was all but forgotten. The haul was impressive this year: a beautiful camel leather wallet, an old map of Inner London from a flea market, the Turkish Delight of course, and some Turkish Lira and map of Istanbul for our impending trip this summer: all this just from my dear sister.  The Turkish Delight you will remember from the Narnia series where the White Witch has total control over Edmund and Co because it is just so addictive. This is the first time I’ve had Turkish Delight from Turkey and it is divine…addictive…and I can’t be trusted with it…

Camel leather wallet and old inner london map

Camel leather wallet and old inner london map

From my aunt and uncle a green raw silk sling purse – too nice for everyday. From my parents a stunning silver rope like choker (for fancier occasions with a black sari), a button-up bracelet and a lovely red box to go with it – not sure what the box is made of though.

jewellry, jewellry box, raw silk purse

jewellry, jewellry box, raw silk purse

And the DH picked up all the hints for kitchen goodies and I am finally the proud owner of a digital kitchen scale, a timer (so I don’t forget I’ve left things on the stove, note, he looks like the Swedish Chef in the Muppet Show) and a meat thermometer for those roast dinners (all thanks to Ebay). I had been threatening to make my own birthday cake and the DH protested because we are on a health kick, where chocolate has no place. He came home from work claiming to have forgotten a packet of something in the car – turned out to be surprise egg puffs, my favourite!  – but this was all a decoy to get me out of the house to hide the cake he had bought. Birthday morning began with chocolate cake! Last year to get me out of the house, he sent me all the way to the supermarket claiming that the car had broken down and I had to pick him up, then I find him at home since the car had magically restarted. I always seem to fall for it!

Kitchen goodies: digital weighing scale, Swedish chef timer and meat thermometer...and Turkish Delight

Kitchen goodies: digital weighing scale, Swedish chef timer and meat thermometer…and Turkish Delight sans about 6 pieces

It’s not yet noon and another piece of Turkish delight beckons…

Thank you to my family and friends for their thoughts and wishes on my birthday. How special you all make me feel!





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  1. ashreyamom says:

    happy b’day.. 🙂

  2. Tripti Jacob says:

    Happy birthday Gayu. Have a great one. Glad you’re having a blast.

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