Pasta in danger chutney

You’re reading the title going – what the…? Any sauce or chutney that’s got the word ‘Danger’ in it must be something to contend with. This is a family recipe in the same genre as a sambal paste. It’s dark red, hot and very versatile – even makes it in to Friday night pasta with garlic, chorizo, olives, mushroom and peppers.Unfortunately, there are no exact measurements for danger chutney, you have to go by taste. But here’s the ingredients:

Blitz 15 dried red chillies (take the stalks off) and 4 to 5 medium sized red onions or 10 small shallots with 1 tsp lime juice and salt (estimates). Keep blitzing and tasting till you get the flavour you like. Place in a sterilized jar and refrigerate. It’s meant to be hot and eaten in small quantities with absolutely anything – from idlis to well… pasta.

Danger chutney

Danger chutney

For the pasta:

Heat 1/2 tsp olive oil, add 4 cloves chopped garlic, add the chorizo sausage, some bacon bits if you have it, mushrooms, peppers, and black olives. Add a tsp of danger chutney, some stock and fry.



Add a few tablespoons of cream and then the boiled rigatoni or any tube like pasta. Basil and parmesan to garnish, if you have it.



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  2. h englebert says:

    i wants it. i wants it. mmmm..

  3. Wow! Looks fantastic. and now the tune of ‘danger mouse’ is stuck in my head…!

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