Aloha 2014

Edward Snowden, NSA spying, Pope Francis, Aam Admi Party, Syrian chemical weapons, Mangalyaan, Nelson Mandela, delhi gang rape verdict, Section 377, Tendulkar retires, the end of the Telegraph, the rupee crash against the dollar, Uttrakhand, Telangana: just some of things that 2013 gave the world and will seep in to 2014. But each of us has personal stories, tragedies, and accomplishments that left its mark on 2013 . Leave it all behind or go from one month to the next: closer to some goal, dream or realisation.Some of you aren’t getting my posts because Google Uncle changed the format and opened three new folders: they probably told us, we didn’t listen. Who needs change when the status quo is good enough! So please look in to your Social folder at the top of the page and you’ll find quite a bit from nonsense girl. If you haven’t been looking there, you may have thought this happened to the blog:

Blog under demolition

Blog under demolition

It looks like ‘BLOG under demolition’ but it’s actually Building BLDG under demolition…!

Yes, work does get in the way of blogging but there’s plenty more blogging in 2014 I assure you. I have four modest resolutions for 2014:

– start (and complete) the 1500 piece ancient world map jigsaw puzzle

– start (and complete) a patchwork quilt

– More: more blogging, more reading, more writing, more sewing, more gardening, more veges, more exercise, more MOOCS, more new recipes

But the only resolutions you should be making for the new year are:do something good for the planet and do something good (and long lasting) for someone who has less than you.

See you all on the other side.





About nonsense girl

Galley slave, qualitative researcher working in development, married my best friend, writing about my life, my family, my dog, TV, Indian culture, astronomy and my garden.
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7 Responses to Aloha 2014

  1. ganesh gopalakrishnan says:

    Happy New Year.
    yes 2013 has indeed been very eventful. For that matter each year has its share of ups and downs. Life cannot just be all smooth. The Ying and Yang philosophy must prevail. But let us do our bit to protect envoirnment, and help the poor.

  2. sara says:

    Gayu and Mona,

    Happy new year. I have spent a lot of this morning catching up with your older posts and really enjoyed them. Keep writing. You touch on a variety of subjects and yet in some ways there is a common thread of care for the earth and one another that runs through them. God bless and have a great year

    Sara and suranjan

  3. Happy new year to you Nonsensegirl, and the DH & A!

  4. mh says:

    Our new year greetings to you and aswan. Wish you peace and happiness in 2014. Keeping a listening watch on both the blogs.

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