‘Tis the season…to be off season

High temperatures during Christmas in Australia are expected but mangoes in December in India? A little summer surprise this winter…

CHecking out the garden last week, lamenting about my lack of initiative to plant more veges, I came across a big fat green mango on the tree we planted 3 and a half years ago. We’ve had delicious mangoes from this tree this summer but in December?! I kid you not – and this is not a picture I took in May.

Mango in December

Mango in December

My researcher instinct to uncover this mystery of a mango in December led to a news story about Bholanath Jha in UP who grows the Barahmasia mango variety that produces fruit all year round. This led me to Chandubhai Ghesadiya in Gujurat who was selling his off-season Kesar mangoes in December for Rs1700 a box – ten times the normal price.

Mangoes are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and according to agriculturalists, mangoes in December is a worrying trend – blame it on global warming they say.

So as the state of the planet is being debated in the draughty corridors of Copenhagen, we relished a little off-season treat, a bowl of summer in the cool Vizag winter.


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