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Announcing the launch of the technology blog by the DH.If you’re interested in how to create and program technology and cool gadgets in your own home (or follow what’s happening in ours) then this is the blog for you. Ever since the DH was a little boy he’s been taking apart hair dryers and VCRs and every other electronic item to grace the 1980s household. I don’t think he ever really put them back together – the roof of the garage was a graveyard of electronic innards.

But he’s come a long way since then and he’s been programming and exploring the world using arduinos. There are few basic philosophies at work:

1. Why do we have to use the technology we’re given in the way the manufacturer wants us to?

2. How can we make technology as cheap and open source as it should be?

3. How can we update our beliefs about the world in the light of new evidence?

And this is what Bayesian adventures is all about. Bayes theorem is a mathematical principle in probability studies. It asks “How should we modify our beliefs in the light of additional information? Do we cling to old assumptions long after they’ve become untenable, or abandon them too readily at the first whisper of doubt? Bayesian reasoning promises to bring our views gradually into line with reality and so has become an invaluable tool for scientists of all sorts and, indeed, for anyone who wants, to sync up with the universe.” (John Allen Paulos, The Mathematics of Changing Your Mind, NY Times Book Review)

I’d encourage you to sign up to follow the DH through his Bayesian Adventures.

It’s an inspiring world of possibilities.



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  1. Ganesh gopalakrishnan says:

    Impressed with your mathematically. It was never a strong point. Must be the dh influence

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