Lettuce harvest

The garden is filled with lettuce. I am beaming with pride. There’s nothing to do other than make BLTs and lettuce cups.

Lettuce is a rare thing in these parts. I know it seems strange to have a hankering for this simple leaf but when you don’t have something, you want it more. Since we don’t get lettuce in the shops, I decided it was time to stop whining and grow my own. I happened to see lettuce seeds advertised on Kraftseeds.com and two months later, we are rolling in the stuff.

Lettuce leaves

Lettuce leaves (still with compost and dirt)

There are many varieties of lettuce – this one is leaf lettuce. They need shade, good draining soil and some compost won’t hurt.I grow it in a vegetable/milk crate.

My favourite ways to use lettuce: BLTs and lettuce cups.

BLTs (bacon, lettuce and tomato) need no real instruction – bread, bacon or meat of your choice, lettuce and tomato, mayo or cheese, your choice. Or skip the bread and make a BLT salad with hung curd/yoghurt as the dressing.



Lettuce cups.

My friend sara made this for me (minced pork wrapped in lettuce leaves) way back when. Basically you put a filling of your choice on to a lettuce leaf and roll it up like a parcel or keep them open like cups or spoons.

Sadly I had no minced pork so we went for a Greek style garlicy ztatziki (the default dressing in our house – lighter and healthier than mayo) made with homemade hung curd, lots of minced garlic, chopped onions, tomatoes and salami/leftover roast beef.¬† There are an infinite number of fillings for lettuce cups everything from quinoa to beef steak strips. Makes for a great fresh tasting starter, quickish to assemble. Ideally, the lettuce leaves should be large so you can roll the fillings inside them like little parcels but we had ten leaves on the cusp of being ready and I couldn’t wait.

Lettuce cups with ztatziki, onions, tomatoes and salami

Lettuce cups with ztatziki, onions, tomatoes, chilli flakes, salami/roast beef

Lettuce leaves Рfrom terra to table to tummy in 20 minutes.


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  1. Butku says:

    Well done you! Lettuce is a real achievement indeed… We get it here in Bangalore but it’s SO expensive

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