Vizag Police Funny Sign

To add to the collection of funny Indian road signs, this one by the Vizag Traffic Police is a ripper. Possibly the funniest goof up I’ve seen yet.

Vizag Traffic Police Sign - Accident Porn Area

Vizag Traffic Police Sign – Accident Porn Area

You’ll find this sign on the flyover from Convent Junction heading towards the Naval base area.

They say that some signs are purposely spelt wrong just to get your attention…somehow I just don’t trust the Vizag Traffic Police to be so clever.

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4 Responses to Vizag Police Funny Sign

  1. StuPC says:

    Any idea what it *should* say??

    • Dunno – perhaps accident PRONE area? That’s just a suggestion cos there’s something very wrong with accident porn or is it accidental porn?

  2. Butku says:

    Haha! 😀
    No way are they clever enough to do this “accidentally on purpose”.

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