The Listening Post Al Jazeera

I have completely stopped watching the BBC news. I get the sense that their reporters are not giving us the full picture and that there is heavy internal censorship. Indian news is a farcical mess of overheated news anchors chattering for self-gratification. We have completely switched over to Al Jazeera English News and I urge you to check out not just their news reporting but their fantastic line up of programming. I have learned more ‘truths’ about the world since watching this news channel. One programme I thought particularly interesting was The Listening Post.The Listening Post is a programme about how the media reports news. A news programming analysing the news. It looks at how other news channels’ (and its own) reporting techniques, terminology, censorships and strategies. This has so far been the preserve of shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report (both of which I love and sadly no longer air on Indian TV but that are available to watch online for free).

The Listening Post Al Jazeera

The Listening Post Al Jazeera

There have been too many inaccuracies in wording and sometimes actual misrepresentation of facts that we have personally noticed in the media (Indian and foreign); too many to recount on this blog. However, I have tried to make light of some BBC Goof Ups, wrong statements about aircraft in Syria by BBC, NDTV mistakes and the Hindu newspaper’s bizarre news and advert placement. There are a good number of websites and blogs that analyse news stories in print and television and ask you to think about who you are trusting to give you information about the world and what their agenda truly is.

Al Jazeera has a weekly show about how news is reported and as a viewer helps you think about what broadcasters, some owned by larger corporations with their own agendas, really want you to know. I’m sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I know but if you haven’t thought about then you’ve either been living under a rock or you are not ready for a serious conversation. No one person can watch all the different news channels and frankly I would lose the will to live if I had to watch even a few hours of CNN or Fox News. So The Listening Post gives you a good idea of how other news media plug their stories.

I’m new to this programme so I don’t know how far they go in analyzing their own position with Qatar but they do a mighty fine job of cutting through the crap and calling it like it is. Please check out their episodes on YouTube:

Here you will get access to all their most recent and popular shows including, how the media has reported the Bradley Manning trial, the Snowden whistleblower vs leaker debate and how and why the Associated Press recently changed its  terminology and style guide for journalists to not use the term ‘Illegal immigrant’ and ‘Islamist’ for the confusion that these words cause rather than accurately communicating meaning.

The Listening Post – you be the judge.

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  1. mh says:

    you may also see an indian site called the news laundry..thanks for pointing out aj programme.

  2. ganesh gopalakrishnan says:

    I have always been watching Al Jazeera. Both Alka and myself really like to programs. I learnt about this channel during my many trips to the Middle East , Kuwait in particular during the aftermath of the Gulf war. They did give a real picture of what was happening on the ground .

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