It’s my birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday (thankfully after that submission deadline). Some of you will remember the grand birthday celebrations of last year where I told all you ladies out there that if you want grand birthday gestures you must train your man to do so. Sending out signals will not do. Clear instructions are required. This year we promised ourselves something a bit low key.  

For those of you who have recently joined us, I’ll let you in on what birthday celebrations are like in my household. When I was growing up my parents and sister would wake up really early on the morning of my birthday and set up a table next to my bed with flowers, presents and cards. The idea being you’d awake on the morning of your birthday, your eyes would pop open to the sight of a table bursting with presents. Magic! I don’t know where they got the idea but it’s been a tradition in our family, to do this for each others, for as long as I can remember. I hope they still do it for each other even though we’ve left home.

My first two birthdays after I got married were a bit of a disappointment in that there was no table of presents from the DH.  Perhaps my parents had set the bar so high all these years. Also the DH hasn’t really had a birthday celebration since he was probably 17 so it doesn’t fit  within his   paradigm of what birthdays should be like. You learn many things when you are married. One of them is that no matter how brilliant you think your wife or husband is, she/he cannot read your mind.

So for his birthday two years ago, I showered the DH with a surprise table of presents in the morning, he felt very good about himself and his training was complete. Now that you know what birthdays are like I’ll just bore you with the pictures of my fantastic presents this year…

From the DH, beautiful silver jewellery, cake, roses and lots of kisses from Abroozi. Gentleman – you can never ever go wrong with simple jewellery for your lady love.


Silver anklet with tiny bells

Silver anklet with tiny bells

From my dear sister 3 fantastic books on food which I am devouring with glee. This little book by Brillat Savarin (a bit of a pompous but endearing French gourmand) is such a treat, filled with delicious anecdotes and tasty revelations on how and why we eat. I’m relishing each of the chapters very slowly, like one those assorted box of chocolates – you know you’ll end up eating the whole box anyway but there’s great joy in selecting which one you are going to melt in to next.

The Pleasure of the table by Brillat Savarin

The Pleasure of the table by Brillat Savarin

Ottolenghi is an Israeli chef with Italian grandparents who grew up eating all sorts of different cuisines. We’ve already tried a great baked garlic and aubergine dish and tonight it’s going to be cauliflower and cumin fritters me thinks. Fantastic middle-eastern cuisine.

Ottolenghi - The Cookbook

Ottolenghi – The Cookbook

Barbara Kingsolver - Animal Vegetable Miracle

Barbara Kingsolver – Animal Vegetable Miracle

Animal, vegetable, miracle is about how the author and her family for one year deliberately  eat food that is only produced, grown or raised in their own neighbourhood or garden. Sounds like a great experiment and I can’t wait to get stuck in. So far it appears to be a very good read. My own pumpkin and mint plants are coming along nicely.

From my parents, a number followed by many zeros and a lovely letter – their words of love always move me to tears. Lots of calls, emails, texts and visits from friends through the day. What a lovely day it has been. In the end everyone likes to be made to feel a wee bit special on their birthdays by the people who love them. How I do love birthdays!


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9 Responses to It’s my birthday!

  1. Sinetheta says:

    I am gonna bookmark this for my hubby 🙂

  2. k nanda says:

    Wish You A Very Happy B’Day!

  3. Butku says:

    Great presents all round, and I really love the silver jewellery! Great choice Mona.
    I also never forgot last years birthday blog entry – I thought it very wise what you said about not expecting the other to read your mind. A mistake I think a lot of us tend to make!
    I especially love the way you did all the special stuff on his birthday and then went “See? THAT’S what I want!”

  4. ganesh gopalkrishnan says:

    you deserve every bit of it. DH has great taste in jewellery. lots of love

  5. Love Kingsolver – have you read poisonwood?? Great to hear about the day!

  6. ashreyamom says:

    happy b’day.. 🙂

  7. tara says:

    Happy birthday and lots more of happy writing!
    Leela Ramaswamy

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