Moonlight Sonata

A few days ago, I was sitting on the balcony with a million thoughts in my head, so many things to blog about, so many tasks on the to-do list, even a presentation to finish, when I looked up and saw this beautiful sight.

I quickly rallied the troops, secured Abroozi in his harness, strapped the camera and tripod on the DH and we trotted down the drive way to get a better view of this beautiful moon. When you are photographing the moon you should try to do it early, just as it rises, so that the moon is still low in the sky so you get a panoramic view. If you can capture the scene from a height, like from on top of a hill or a roof, then even better as you’ll get a wider view. This is all we could manage as the moon had already risen quite a bit.

Moon lighting up the sea

Moon lighting up the sea – view from our house

A couple of weeks before the full  moon, the DH took this close up of the moon’s surface using the Konus 2000mm telescope

Moon close up using -konus-2000mm-telescope f23

Moon close up using -konus-2000mm-telescope f23

Names of the moon's craters

Names of the moon’s craters

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3 Responses to Moonlight Sonata

  1. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan says:

    Having looked at the moons surface both at Wellington and at Vizag one would have thought that pics wouldnot be so claer; but I am totally wrong. Actually the other day I too was looking at the sky as it full moon . I wasin Vellore and as I drove up the route number 1 the moon shows up so clear and so near from the top of the hills around ; it was truly a beautiful sight. I feel that being so pure white makes a fantastic picture. So I guess you r other resolutions for the day went for a six.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thought of mona when we did planets in mrsk!! the stars from mrsk are something else! Next trip 🙂

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