We are like this only

Most books on India will have a line about how India is a complicated mix of the traditional and the modern. The image of the farmer knee deep in a paddy field and the naked ash smeared sadhu both talking on their cellphones. We also excuse our failings and explain away our contradictions with sheer pride as we say, “We are like this only”. There’s a book with this title, about insights into the Indian consumer market. I think this picture sums up some of these sentiments.

The latest range of HP Eco printers piled high and transported by cycle rickshaw. Judging by the green means of transportation, the eco-range was taken quite literally.

Dell printers on rickshaw

HP printers on rickshaw

Why should this be blog worthy? For Indian readers this is still an incredibly common placed sight. But maybe it’s so common place, it fails to register. Technically, it’s a very cost effective way of transporting printers from your warehouse to your shop. But if you’ve seen the quality of Vizag’s roads you’ll know that those printers have felt every ding, dang and pothole there is. Precariously tied together with a thin flimsy rope it’s nearly a miracle a few printers haven fallen off by the roadside. But that’s the beauty of this system, they will never fall off. I’ve never seen one of these rickshaws with their cargo upturned by the side of the road.

Who needs GDP figures when we’ve got scenes like this!

For readers from around the world, perhaps this picture proves that India is a big contradiction, that “traditional meets modern” really does exist in very tangible ways in India.

For me, this picture also proves the old adage that, “The best camera… is the one in your hand.”

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  1. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan says:

    This is just one image of the India which contradicts itself.. We see such images every day but fail to capture it because we do not possess a camera in hand or we are too shy or think about what others are going to say. Let us not forget that sometimes we do see things being carried around with no concern for safety for the person or the passers by.

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