An unlikely shopper

It’s been quiet on the blog but busy for me. I’ve been away from my boys, away from home, working. Although I studied urban sociology and about global cities, I have come to feel uncomfortable and out of place listening to the constant noise of traffic and car horns, the crowds, the rush hour, the dusty dry heat, the street corners that carry the smell of rotting uncollected garbage. But what I still love about cities is the unexpected encounters and bizarre sightings that, through the dust and grim and heat forces a smile to creep its way across your face. This is one of them.


This is what my cousin captured at Fun Mall in Coimbatore. What was this fella thinking, “maybe a tie and shirt for a meeting, something nice, impressive.” Out of place but still interested – just a spot of window shopping.

Who is that cat at the window

Who is that cat at the window

These are those unusual intriguing sightings I was talking about. Babe, Pig in the City meet Whiskers, Cat stalking mannequins.



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