The prize has arrived

In December I had entered for a cooking competition and won first prize. But the prize was kept very secret and I was beginning to think that there was no prize at all or not a very good one. Yesterday evening, it arrived and it’s a doozy!

It was a grand evening at the end of which the prizes for the cooking competition were given out. This is the beauty that is now sitting in my kitchen.

Sunflame Glass topped gas stove

Sunflame Glass topped 4 burner gas stove


This is the Mac Daddy of gas stoves. And the DH thought I’d get a lousy hair dryer…Pah!

This is my old stove… which has now been relegated to the garage.

Old 2 burner stove

Old 2 burner Sunflame stove

Now I have proved to the DH that it pays to participate – you might just win!

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3 Responses to The prize has arrived

  1. Dev says:

    good show……………………… was a serious competition after all !!!!!!!!!

    I hope you will also replace the connecting hose.

    • gkorula says:

      Hmmmmnnnn… yes, connecting hoses aren’t very aesthetically pleasing to being with, so that could be tricky. For now my eyes are drawn to the glossy black. How was Tahiti?

  2. ashreyamom says:

    congrats once again.. that was a nice prize indeed.. 🙂

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