We went a bit crazy at the junk market floor at Amcorp Mall in KL and would have gone even more crazy had we made it to Penang’s Lorong Kulit. This beauty travelled all over malaysia with us and now it is home, making our bedroom just perfect.

lamp2 This came as a pair. We agonised over buying them but I am so glad we did. We lugged it and the lampshade around all of Malaysia through plane, train and ferry.  It’s made in Bulgaria,we think it’s brass that has been blackened, it’s quite heavy with tear drops forming the stem. The lampshade reminds me of something you’d find a 1940s bedroom. It’s light green and white, with yellowing stains on it that tell me it’s been around a long time.  Now it’s home, safe and sound.


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  1. Butku says:

    It’s beautiful Gayu! You guys seem to have a knack for finding amazing stuff in the midst of “junk”!

  2. Julie says:

    coolio bro

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