Lubber nai

In Malaysia we saw a lot of these signs…

No dogs allowed

No dogs allowed

In Islam dogs are considered to be impure and unclean and there are many stories as to why, none of which I am sure of repeating. However, dogs can be kept for protection. So in Muslim countries like Malaysia you’ll see a lot of  Dogs Not Allowed signs. But they love their cats or “Kuching” as they are called. You’ll see cats absolutely everywhere even in markets and in shops.

You’ll even see them doing this:


Cat-nap in Penang

The absence of stray dogs on the streets of Malaysia and the plethora of cats made me think about our most recent stray dog incident before we left on holiday. We were on the way to the train station in a “call taxi”, driven by a very large man who was welded in to his driving seat making minimal effort to drive the taxi, using just his finger to change gears, bluetooth embedded in ear.

Speeding down the early morning empty streets of Vellore’s Lakshmi theatre area, with only the stray dogs about, both of us and the taxi driver sees a dog ambling across the empty road. The guy slows down just a wee bit but hits the dog anyway, who goes rolling, flailing and squealing through the air. But the dog makes a quick recovery and I saw him unhurt walking off.

The DH tells the driver that he should drive a little slower as he almost killed that dog. To which the taxi driver replied (and use your best Tamil accents here) “Wonno aawathai saar,” (nothing will happen, sir).”In tha nai yela lubber nai saar.” (These dogs are like lubber dogs i.e rubber)

His reasoning was so ridiculous but so funny we couldn’t help laugh all the way to the station.

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  1. tara says:

    hehehe..i keep reading that last paragraph every once in a while for a good laugh xD

  2. Dev says:

    Dogs are annoyingly good at survival…………..remember Dharmendra’s(and many others) pet dialogue…………….”KAMINE KUTTE”.

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