Home Bound

T minus 0. We made it home to the places of our birth – Vellore.

About 2 weeks ago the Nano made the 950 kms very comfortably. A non-rushed drive with plenty of walking and toilet breaks for ABroozi made the journey really pleasant.


The camera wasn’t too active but I did catch this strange bug crawling with red spikes on its body, telescopically moving in and out, making its way across what looks like the surface of the moon. Notice the strange white band around the centre of his body that looks like he’d been cellotaped together. I think the Martians have landed. Bug enthusiasts please weigh in.


We stopped at Vijaywada only to be told that the place that had assured us accommodation with our dog was no longer an option. A big NO DOGS ALLOWED sign was clearly displayed. The only option was to keep our Abroozi in the mosquito ridden car with the windows down while we slept in a very sparse but functional room. This was not an option that either of us was willing to consider. If he was a small dog I’d have easily been able to sneak him in in a handbag (like some friends of ours have done at this same place before). Relatives came to the rescue and we boarded up in a hotel that through a friend of a friend’s company rep allowed us to stay. It was very budget to say the least but there was a hot shower, two beds and butter chicken and palak paneer as our 4th anniversary dinner.

Home was a welcome sight. I’ve been AWOL on the blog front because the electricity and internet connection here in Vellore is abysmal. But soon you’ll hear all about our exotic travels to Malaysia, as soon as I can get all the pictures together.

Glad to know that you are still all with us, that the world has not come to end and all because so many adventures await… and you’ll hear about ours soon.

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2 Responses to Home Bound

  1. ashreyamom says:

    he he he.. yes world has nt come to to end.. vellore.. wow.. after so many years i am hearing it.. used to pass through when i worked in b’lore.. so with nano u made a trip.. now i can think of buying a nano.. :).. creature actually looks little cute..
    yes waiting to hear ur Malaysia stories..

  2. Tripti Jacob says:

    Hey Gayu,
    I’ve been reading your blog over the last few months and have been meaning to leave a comment for ages. Now that there’s one involving good old Vellooru I thought I definitely should.
    It’s lovely to read what you write…. I feel like its just so you. It’s strange but I feel a bit nostalgic when I read it.
    Oh and I’ve switched my regular banana bread recipe for yours… it is a good one!
    Glad you had a good holiday… Happy Christmas and New Year to the 3 of you.

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