Another cooking competition

By now you know my fascination for (addiction to?) entering competitions. Not major league ones but the minor leagues, like raffles and such. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket or anything but I like to enter for things that match my interests like cooking or travel. So along came another cooking competition and I suckered myself in.

Taking part in this competition was another one of my domestic goddess escapades. I actually do enjoy cooking and like to entertain. It’s the only kind of stress that I enjoy/thrive off and actually. Stress is the wrong word, it’s some kind of adrenaline cum satisfaction. (Maybe this is what surgeons or doctors feel when they repair people). I settled on a rustic Italian theme. The DH suggested printing a little brochure explaining the food/ the history of the food. This is what I created using a really easy tool called Scribus. I highly recommend this free software which is so easy, I did this in half a day.

3 fold brochure using Scribus from L to R – inner fold, back, front cover

The inside of the brochure (the food pictures are all mine)

Inside of the brochure

The competition was to cook 2 main dishes, a side dish or starter and a dessert using the Navy rations and an extra Rs.250. The rations we get cover a wide range of things from oil and salt to vegetables and Boost.

4 lovely ladies, who also judged the best interiors competition for which we bagged third prize, came over for a quick luncheon today. It was real quick and they could only sample small bites as they had to rush off and judge 3 more houses. Kind of weird having 4 strangers at your table, makes me realise what Come Dine With Me is like (sadly BBC Entertainment is going off air in India). After all that planning and cooking, “service” doesn’t go exactly to plan but I think they enjoyed themselves. It was a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. The raved about the food, as they would. They weren’t going to say it was mingin’. We were judged on presentation, taste, nutritional value and how well the rations were utilised. Even if we don’t win a prize (which includes fancy things like microwave ovens), cooking all this food means that I don’t have to cook for the whole weekend. After all that cooking and hostessing, I’m really exhausted so all I can do is show you the pictures of some of the food.

Table setting

The table setting

Place mats

Place cardsPea mint and garlic; tomato and mint; aubergine and garlic bruschetta


Ciabatta bread


Baked penne with veges, white sauce and a crunchy bread and parmesan topping

Pasta Alfreddo

Chicken baked with tomatoes and a green chilli/oregano/garlic and coriander sauce


Brownies (the semifreddo melts too fast)


Bouganvilla centrepiece


Not sure when we’ll know the results but who cares because now the count down to the holiday has begun… T minus 7 days!

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  3. ganesh says:

    whatever the result, the set up looks very “prim and proper”; . Did you wear a uniform and stand to attention when they were attacking the food with all the “yes mam” stuff.
    Anything left for the aam admi.

    • gkorula says:

      Prim and proper but not all that tip-top. As for “aam admi” abroozi polished off almost half the ciabatta bread and DH and I are attacking our way through the pasta, chicken, soup and icecream/brownies

  4. love it all, from the purisa to the pink bouganvilla 🙂 happy holidays!!

  5. ashreyamom says:

    wow.. i am sure u are going to win.. the setting and brochure looks too good.. anyways all the best.. treat us if u win..

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