Paw Problems

Every day when I take Abroozi for a walk, I lace up my Adidas sneakers and then really wish that he had shoes. 

For the first year of his life, Abroozi’s paws/paw pads only knew the soft grassy verges and cool pavements of Wellington, Nilgiris. Feet thoroughly pampered, the heat retaining tarmac of Vizag came as a shock. A few years walking in Vizag and his paw pads have taken a beating. His pads have grown a fleshy appendage, which appears to be painless when pressed. It looks worse than it is and none of the vets have really seen it as much to be concerned about, especially as the pads have not torn. When it’s sensitive he tends to lick his paws quite a bit. We then shorten his evening walk till the sensitivity stops. We usually walk 3kms a day and on his off days, we shorten it to just 1 km or less. He loves his walks so he’s often not happy with a shortened walk but it’s for his own good.

Abroozi’s paw pad injury from hot pavements

I did find one website that talks about “summer paw pads”. The Fit Dog Articles is a great resource for dog owners. The site gives a photo of a really bad paw injury, so by comparison Abroozi’s isn’t that far gone:

Severe paw injury from the site The Fit Dog Articles

I’ve taken these tips straight from the website. Some of the things you can do to prevent paw injuries include:

– Taking your dog for walks early morning and late evening, when the pavements or saare more cool.

– Shortening his walks for a few days till the redness subsides.

– Walking the dog on grassy parts when possible

– With male dogs, try preventing them from kicking back the grass/ground as they try to spread their scent.

– Moisturize the pads with Vaseline, Vitamin Oil or special anti-bacterial creams like WOKAZOL PLUS which will prevent the pads from cracking, splitting and other injuries.

To prevent infection:

– Wash the dog’s injured paw pad using antibacterial soap like a neem soap
– Pat the injured foot with a clean towel to dry the area.
– Pour an antiseptic like betadine (preferred) or Savlon in to cool water and soak your dogs paws for a few seconds. Pat dry. (We do this after every walk)

Of course, if the injuries are very severe, always take your dog to the vet in the first instance.

You can buy Neoprene booties for your dog and as ridiculous as they sound, I can definitely see a use for them. Unfortunately, dogs find it very uncomfortable and unnatural, as they would, as they should.

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3 Responses to Paw Problems

  1. Tara says:

    wow, hes one fit dog compared to ours who dies by the time even one k is through!at least in vellore.joey enjoys his twice a day 5k waks when we take him to kodi 🙂

  2. ganesh says:

    Certainly dont put on shoes for Abroozi. The general advice given is sufficient. I also feel that because he is so much indoors that his paws have not got used to the ground. Its a pity that he cannot be outdoors running around as and when he pleases.The darn stray guys are a big nuisance; maybe you need to build a strong fence since you have a ground floor flat.
    D601, will be the ideal place for him with a lawn to himself.

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