In perpetual tea-time

Some weekends one is blissfully non-operational, in a permanent holding pattern, in perpetual tea-time (as the Mad Hatter would say) while others scurry around. Some people can’t handle it. They need to be energetic on the weekends, doing things. But we are great at lethargic lazing around.

An early start at the beach this morning left us all a little exhausted. After diving in to the sea and surfing the waves, one of us was more exhausted than the others. Abroozi spent his morning after the beach and a bath like this – couldn’t even wait for the bed to be made…

Too exhausted to make the bed

This was one of those Saturdays where you watch some crappy 80’s action movie like Commando and/or have a nap before lunch and a another nap after lunch. Everyone fed, we snuggle up under the covers – cold enough to need the blankets, warm enough we need to stick our toes out the end.

Just us three

I know you’re hating me right now with our perfect stress free weekend, so happy we’re pissing rainbows and crapping unicorns (ref: Heather Christian Schmidt). It’s not always like this but I love it when it is. Nowhere to be, no people to see, just us three.

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2 Responses to In perpetual tea-time

  1. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan says:

    Enjoy. After all life is for this only.Not all of us has the ability to do this.

  2. ashreyamom says:

    oh… such a nice break.. enjoy.. 🙂

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