Funny signs

India is full of funny shop signs. I’ve written before of small establishments with shop signs and names that hide their humble appearances and suggest an enterprise that is much bigger than it truly is. This shop sign in Bangalore is everything you want in your woman…or is it your chicken?

CHICKEN STREET: Succulent thighs, juicy breasts and great legs

(everything you want in your woman…and your chicken?)

Chicken Street Bangalore

Why do sex and chicken go so well together? Suguna’s tagline “Younger, tender, better” could be pretty suggestive….? Maybe it’s just me…

Younger, tender, better – Suguna Chicken



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6 Responses to Funny signs

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  2. Dev says:

    Just read this post today.

    glad to see some mature sense of humour from Indian girls. Most will cringe(includes my wife) after reading these lines.

    all three examples are hilarious. not sure if the owners are aware though.

  3. Deepa says:

    We have got used to posters and collages of amusing signs in Indian English (my favourite being “VD Clinic – entry from backside only” (I swear to you that this is true!), but your post is the first time I see one that is intended to be a double entrendre

  4. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. nice observation.. younger, tender,better.. :P..

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