Space humour

All space nerds will know that after 296 days and 3 hrs in space Space Shuttle Endeavour has now been retired. Endeavour replaced the Challenger Space Shuttle and went on to fly 25 space missions, including 12 to help build and outfit the space station, and logged nearly 123 million miles (198 million km) in flight during 4,671 orbits. All this sound real serious but space nerds have a sense of humour too…

The orbiter was a reusable winged space plane – it operated like a plane in the Earth’s atmosphere and a space craft when it’s in space. To ferry around the orbiters from one location to another NASA used extensively modified Boeing 747 airliners called a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.

Endeavour on it’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. Pic

But NASA technicians have a sense of humour too. On one of the struts that holds the orbiter to Shuttle Carrier Aircraft is a small inscription for the technicians…

Struts – image from:

Instructions: “Attach orbiter here. Black side down” Image from wikipedia

One strut is claimed to have also have the inscription: “Lefty loosey, Righty tighty” (for the screws)

Inscription on strut: lefty loosey, righty tighty

Comforting to know that someone out there thinks that Nasa technicians are just as ordinary as the rest of us. Mind you, sometimes Ikea expects us to be cleverer than Nasa Technicians.


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  1. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan says:

    there are humans out there at NASA. Cock-ups can occur anywhere. what would happen if rightly was loosely

  2. StuPC says:

    Perhaps NASA put them there after missions were lost following mix-ups over Imperial and Metric measurements – just to be extra sure!

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