The King has arrived

After my worries over when to pluck the mangoes from our tree and my fear of incurring a Lakshmi amma type loss, the DH (the nomenclature is back and here to stay) got more antsy than me. So we dived in and plucked.

Mangoes plucked from the tree

You’re supposed to wrap them in hay or straw and keep them in the dark but we just left them on the balcony loosely covered up with a cloth. A couple of weeks later and the gamble paid off.

Red, yellow and ripened

Bright yellow firm and juicy

Sadly I can offer no scientific suggestions of when is the right time to pluck mangoes. But unlike Lakshmi amma, I had more humility, got cold feet and had to get them off the tree once I thought they had reached the size of most mangoes in the market.

This has to be the sweetest mango I’ve ever had – sweetest because I had absolutely nothing to do with them except pluck them off the tree. I didn’t even plant the tree – it was already here when we moved in. But we did feed it some tasty compost and organic seaweed and neem fertilizer. They are definitely not banganapallis – they taste more like Alphonso, the King.

What can I say, I’m feeling all smug eating mangoes from our very own tree. It’s been a good day. Now brace yourselves for some mango inspired recipes…


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