No congratulations needed

A few weeks ago I entered a blog contest on Indiblogger – a directory for Indian blogs –  which was sponsored by Stay Free, entitled Time to Change. You had to write about something you wanted changed in India and Stay Free being a woman’s product the obvious choice was to write about something related to women.

My entry was about wanting to change the lack of public toilets for women in India and reverse the prevalence of men adorning public walls with their fountains of pee. I was hoping for 3rd prize as I really wanted to win one of the two Kindles. I didn’t win but here’s a sample of some of the horrendously soppy, depressing articles that did win. Someone is reading an e-book on my kindle right now. B!tch.

I know I’m coming across as a really bad loser but I wouldn’t be sucking on sour grapes if the blogs that had won were worth reading. I’ll let you decide for yourself, you can read the wining articles here, look to the right of the screen. I’ll be very impressed if you get through half the article that won the first prize of an Apple Ipad 2, without wanting to slit your wrists. The greedy blogger has opened her site to rather questionable advertising – today there’s a picture of a buxom woman lounging in a rather lacey bra. Basically what won were depressing soppy, Chicken Soup for the Soul esque posts about female infancticide, molestation or eve-teasing as we call it and domestic violence all issues worthy of change mind you but just so dripping with sickly sweet/sickly sad Hallmark card type poetry and lacking in readability. Perhaps that is exactly what they were after.

But spare me your sympathies for a while longer as there’s still one more contest I’ve entered, again we are gunning for 3rd prize of a Kindle. My mother was reminding me of when I went to college and won every prize going in the first three months of competitions for the freshers and how disappointed I was when all the competitions had ended.That was a very very long time ago.  It’s time I won something. It’s not the end of a winning streak, merely a hiatus. My husband cannot understand my obsession with winning contests. But I’m a strong believer in throwing your hat in the ring and letting the universe decide. And I’m a big sucker for freebies…


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9 Responses to No congratulations needed

  1. Neeraj Kumar says:

    And I still feel that Judges have made a mistake by ignoring such a post that had depth and width in terms of being a hard-hitting topic to write on about women issues. Nevermind… life is all about moving on and entering more contests.

  2. Nivedita says:

    Haha! I’d tried my hand at that too 😛 I haven’t even bothered to check the winning entires yet.
    But, since I think you are still a winner I have “awarded” you (so to speak) with this thing called a versatile blogger award 🙂
    Here’s the link

  3. Taru says:

    hmm.given the choice between reading a book full of random essays from an online competition and gayu’s blog, the winner is just so obviously the latter!

  4. gkorula says:

    Thanks amma!! Such a sweet message, I am very touched. I still remember you crafting the British Airways slogan contest on Katpadi railway station – “…the camaraderie….”

  5. Alka Ganesh says:

    It is a sad day when stating the obvious gets you a prize. I can see the angst. The best thing would be to choose the contest that seems more on your wavelength. All I can say is that your posts are very entertaining for their down -to-earth heartiness; and phrases that come out so effortlessly; so just go on regardless, you are winning a contest everyday.

  6. StuPC says:

    We need to transform the competition! (Mountain>Mohammed, Mohammed>Mountain sort of thing…)

  7. gkorula says:

    You bet I will!

  8. Ha ha ha ha. Oh Gayu.Sorry you didn’t win it honey. BUT KEEP TRYING!

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