Where you gonna run to?

The Tsunami on Boxing day 2004 was a devastating force of nature. My own DH was under the sea in his submarine, as the tsunami rushed through them. Couple of weeks ago, 11th April there was another Tsunami scare as an underwater earthquake off the coast of Aeche in Indonesia sent shock waves as far as our very own Vishakapatnam. Here’s how the people of Vizag reacted to the Tsunami warning that was issued less than an hour after the earthquake – their future contribution to the gene pool should be restricted.

The Tsunami of 2004 uncovered this temple in Mahabalipuram that was buried under the sand for hundreds of years. As the sea receded, it took with it a lot of the coastline, uncovering ancient temples, some 6 feet tall, altering the landscape even adding tiny islands, now prime real estate – yes people are actually building on this newly uncovered land.

A temple unearthed by the Tsunami. Mahabalipuram

Tiger carvings on newly unearthed temple at Mahabalipuram

Next to this temple was a huge excavation site of a large port city that we weren’t allowed to take pictures of. If you are travelling to the area, this site  is very close to the TTDC resort. They will let you visit but not photograph the excavation in progress but that was in 2008.

The force of a Tsunami is clearly not to be messed with. Which brings me to what the people of Vizag did on hearing the Tsunami warning last week, as this picture in the Deccan Chronicle shows. People rushed to the beach. They didn’t run to safer higher ground. Instead they ran towards the danger. Surely these people need to be removed from the gene pool. Just how stupid can the people of Vizag be? I plan to collect many more examples of the stupidity that exists in this town.

Deccan Chronicle - Vizagites flock to the beach on hearing Tsunami warning


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  1. StuPC says:

    People often don’t believe in things until they see them with their own eyes, especially things they don’t *want* to believe in – climate change is a good case in point!

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