Canine multi-tasking

So I’ve been drowning in this awful piece of work, that I have nobody to blame for taking on but my own greed. When you freelance, you become greedy for the moollah. And if you don’t go to an office then you are not only doing your work at home but all the mum/housewife things as well. Robots could not get here soon enough to help us. Perhaps I just need to multi-task…

I would say I’m an average multi-tasker, a bi-tasker, if you will: I feed Abroozi his chapatis as I’m making them; I’m cooking the breakfast while packing my husband’s lunch; I’m hoovering while watching TV (ok, that one doesn’t count). My husband is rubbish at multi-tasking – he can’t even drink a cup of tea while playing on the internet. OK, so maybe multi-tasking is no good, one of the tasks always suffers in quality. Assuming that robots aren’t going to become our personal slaves any time soon, perhaps if I had an extra pair of hands, just doing other stuff for me with a secondary brain power source for menial tasks, who knows what I could accomplish. Take the Nataraja, a depiction of the dancing Shiva, with four hands. He performs his divine dance before destroying a weary universe to make preparations for god Brahma to start the process of creation. See what one can accomplish with an extra set of hands – the destruction and command of the whole universe!

Nataraja's four hands

OK, before i get shut down by the Hindu police for blasphemy, what I really wanted to show you was our dog Abroozi multi-tasking in his own special way

Canine Multi-tasking

It’s not just peeing and holding a ball in his mouth. It’s so much more – balance, concentration, aim and accuracy. Canine multi-tasking at its best.

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  1. Alka ganesh says:

    Not a good idea to emulate that specific multi-tasking venture! I wish sometimes that I could do “multi-talking”; four or five people (at least one on the phone) sometimes need to get an answer/direction/ yes and no, simultaneously, and one needs to give the appropriate response to the right person . Sometimes the 2 cerebral hemispheres do let you down; do any of the gods have more?

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