Tomato harvest

A variety of illnesses have plagued me these past two weeks which has left my morale graph, like Europe’s Euro plummeting. I’ve hardly had the chance to settle the house after our month long holiday and unwrap our many purchases. Sickness or no, the house must go on, the kitchen must function, humans and canine must be fed. The garden always gives me much comfort when feeling down – the greenery, the colours,  the life. And hiding behind the tangle of tomato plants, our first tomatoes!

First tomatoes

These little juicy buggers got me so excited about cooking again, we had delicious tomato salads with just olive oil, green chillies, coriander and feta cheese; tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, green peppers, onions and cabbage.

Tomatoes big and small

And i just had to pop a whole little cherry tomato in my mouth. Sweet and plump!


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