The Legend of Zamboro

He’s much like a submariner himself. Scruffy and smelly, unkempt and untidy. But he’s also loyal, alert, calm under fire, knows his job and is never one to let the side down. No one really knows how he came to live amongst them but he has, and it seems they have adopted him as well. A loyal companion indeed, he goes everywhere with the Submariners of the Eastern Naval Command.

He’s there at health walks, cross country runs, and when lower decks are cleared, he’s always the first to arrive. He races the Quick Reaction Team to a surprise muster, beats the berthing party when a boat is casting off, and he’s the first to welcome his comrades home, never leaving the jetty until all is peaceful and settled onboard. He’s spent hours waiting till the channel is clear, in calm weather, stifling heat or howling wind. He’s even been known to protect and guard a submarine gangway. Only true submariners may walk past him without fear. He’s the boss of jetties N7, N8 and N9, and the undisputed ruler of the Virbahu (the Submarine Unit) galley leftovers.

He doesn’t need love, he just wants to belong. He might be shambles to look at, but his heart is strong, and he’s tireless and faithful. For a motley crew of men in grey shorts, he’s the perfect mascot, with all the qualities of a true submariner.

His name is Zamboro, the scruffy little terrier mix who has slowly made Virbahu his home and the men of the submarine squadrons his brothers in arms. Girija I’m sure, smiles down at him from her home in the mountains beyond the sky, whispering tales of her exploits at Virbahu, knowing that he would be worthy of holding the baton she has waited so long to pass on. Girija is a legend in her own right, the original Lady of Virbahu about whom abounds myth and fables. As this went to press, Zamboro was unavailable for comment…


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