Submarine movie marathon

Submarines being such a vital part of my husband’s  life (and by default, mine too) I thought it would be an interesting challenge to watch all movies based on submarines in one week and review them on this blog.

I’ve had to narrow down the list to movies made post 1950 (due to lack of availability). I am also omitting movies that are loosely based around submarines and looking rather at movies about life on a submarine. Being a submariner’s wife I know a fair bit about life aboard a submarine but I’m curious to know how it is portrayed on the silver screen. And having a submarine Commander watching these movies with you, one gets a running commentary on what is real and what’s been Hollywood-ized. So look forward to some spoilers.

The mission: to engage in a submarine movie marathon and complete the list below in 7 days and review them on this blog. I’ve only seen the first three movies but will see them again too. God speed, Skipper.

– Hunt for Red October (1990)

– Crimson Tide (1995)

– Down Periscope (1996)

– U 571 (2000)

– K19- Widow Maker (2002)

– Das Boot (1981)

– Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)

– Enemy Below (1957)

Next transmission on submarine movie marathon when I come up to periscope depth in one week.


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4 Responses to Submarine movie marathon

  1. I watched Das Boot for a school assignment at University. My husband made me watch Down Periscope when he went submarines. He said it was the best sub movie made. We have a bunch of submarine movies but I haven’t seen them all. I will have to check out your movie reviews. I can definitely relate to the part about husband giving a running commentary! 🙂

  2. G Singh says:

    This is a great blog came here via Indiansubmariners forum Girija story ..actually stumbled on your site. Congrats and keep the great work going especially the service being performed by your better half. I am NRI living in US submarines always fascinated me. The closest to sub continental story was a paksitani documentary on PNS Ghazi. Dont get me wrong submariners respect each other across the world. Just take the dogma out and hope its not taken in the wrong way

    G Singh

    • gkorula says:

      Hey thanks for the positive comments! Do keep reading. National Geographic did a great series on the Indian Navy, one of the episodes was on submarines. Do check it out on youtube.

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