Flowers in our garden

So it’s been a while since I brought you any reports on my garden’s progress. That’s probably because gardens are slow to progress and just when you think that nothing you’ve planted is going to grow, sprout or flower, your garden is full of bountiful gifts. It is as if the sunflowers, that have taken two months to grow from a seed and finally bloom, has inspired all the other flowers in the garden to get their act together and show themselves. Must be all that positive sunflower energy. I’m warning you now that apart from the sunflowers I really don’t know the names of any of these plants. I just love the flowers so I’ve made up my own names for them. So if anyone reading this knows their names I’d love it if you left a comment. So here’s a few pictures of what my garden has been silently up to:

Sunflower opening


The jasmine family

The picture below is what I call “Highway Plants” because they provide wonderful colour to the National Highways, NH4 and NH7 between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

I call these 'Highway Plants'

This plant is a creeper and has the hardiest of barks when it gets going. I’d love to know the name. Mine is still in a flimsy state and has only just begun to flower after 6 months.

The pink bell: Another flower I don't know the name of

I call this one the gramaphone flower as it looks like a gramaphone. This is a creeper and is not to be confused with a similar looking yellow flower which has milk oozing from the stem when you snap it off at the stem. I don’t have any flowers or plant leaves that have poisonous milk because we have a dog and you should be careful when dogs are around with what you plant.

Gramaphone Flow

We’ve got plenty more flowers to show you, that’s for next time…

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