Carrots and Peas, oh Yes!

I have always wanted a small patch of garden in the back yard where I can grow a few vegetables. I love the idea of subsistence living and the sheer delight in being able to nurture plants you can eat, not just look at. Even if you did have a suitable spot for a kitchen garden finding good quality inexpensive seeds is always a challenge in a city. I happened to chance upon a teeny weeny shop with barely a sign to advertise its presence selling a whole variety of seeds, enriched soil and gardening tools. And from here my kitchen garden experiment has begun and with a bang I might add. Now we have ridge gourd, lady’s fingers, carrots, peas and broccoli. It’s all luck you see. I haven’t tried talking to them yet as Prince Charles suggests. Perhaps they’d like some Enya.

If you are in Vishakapatnam the shop I got my seeds from is called Kisan in Daba Gardens on the left hand side of the road, third or fourth shop. The chillies are yet to show themselves and the tomatoes are taking their time. The others have all peaked their little leafy heads out of the earth and I watch over them every morning like a proud mum, marvelling at how quickly they are shooting up. I try not to look at them everyday or you can’t tell how much they’ve grown. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this with your kids – feed and water them, keep them out of sight, and then when you do see them it’s so much more satisfying. Here are some pictures of their progress.I agree they are just saplings but even this is a huge victory for me.

The guys at Kisan sold me an enriched purely organic plant supplant made from seaweed and neem. I’m not sure if it’s that or my tender loving care but both the lawn and the veges are looking lively. I also sprinkle some tumeric dissolved in water over the plants a couple of times a week. I thought I’d take this gardening experiment one step further and made my own compost. I’m not convinced that the soil in my garden is all that great so I thought I’d help things along. Making compost is easier to make than you might think. And it doesn’t stink, remember that nothing is rotting, only decomposing naturally. And maggots are good.

So my next post will be on how to make your own compost with detailed pictures. Seriously, anyone can do it and I’ll guide you through.


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