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You say Tomato, I say…

We planted our tomato seeds about three months ago and sort of forgot about them. They have grown incredibly fast in that time without much attention. The only problem with growing tomatoes is where’s the space! Tomatoes tend to take over your garden. A few weeks ago we saw their tiny yellow flowers and last week, the fruits have appeared. We have no idea what variety of tomato these are and we’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out. Unfortunately, we’ll be on holiday for a month so perhaps the gardener will enjoy the first tomato harvest. In India, unlike in Western countries, we rarely seek out different varieties like cherry tomatoes, heirloom, beef steak and I for one don’t know the names of our tomatoes, just the different shapes. We simply buy what’s on offer at the market as we use all tomatoes in the same way. We love tomatoes and in Indian food it’s used in so many of our gravy dishes and chutneys. One of our favourite uses of tomato that really celebrates this fruit is a chutney made by my husband’s grandmother. We call her Duchi, so this recipe is called “Duchi’s Tomato Chutney” or Grandma’s tomato chutney. It’s a very versatile chutney and can be used as a spread, dipping sauce, relish, for your idlis and dosas, even as pizza sauce. It’s a little sweet, hot and sour. So in anticipation of a large tomato harvest, here’s her easy recipe.  Also, my tips for how to grow tomatoes in any garden – in the ground or in containers. Continue reading

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